Chainsaw is the main antagonist of Disney's 1967 live action film Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar. He is a smooth fox terrier owned by a cook named Potlatch and loves to harass Charlie.

Role in the film

For his meals, though, Charlie relies on the kindness of Potlatch, a cook whose dog Chainsaw tries and often succeeds at outwitting the cougar. This rivalry leads to problems including a wrecked kitchen and a trip down the river as part of the logging crew, which, of course, leads to more problems including another destroyed kitchen. As a result of all of this which costs the lumberjack company a great deal of money, Charlie is let go and tied up, until he hears and sees some of the employees involved with a log standing contest, in which Charlie does enter, however, when Chainsaw comes into the picture, Charlie loses his concentration and fall off the log into the water. The contest ends when the boss forces the other employees back to work, and Jess is forced to have to leave Charlie at home forever. Jess, in the meantime, has found himself a girl, who has become his fiancée. Jess is forced to lock Charlie in a cage which doesn't hold him very long. Charlie hears a call from female cougar in the distance one night and he decides to break free to investigate.

After spending the summer in the wild, Charlie's natural instincts have kicked in and he's more wild than tame now. When Chainsaw discovers Charlie, Charlie runs and gets trapped in a lift on the ground, the bosses men are about to shoot Charlie, until Jess comes to the rescue, telling them not to shoot Charlie at all, and manages to go down into the lift, and rescues Charlie.