Chad Mayonnaise is secondary character in Disney's Doug. He is the single father of Patti Mayonnaise. After the car accident in which his wife died when Patti was younger, his legs got paralyzed and since then he was forced to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. In this episode, "Doug's Great Opportoonity", Chad became the new history teacher at Beebe Bluff Middle school, allowing his daughter to go there full day rather than homeschooling in the morning. It is revealed in "Patti's Dad Dilemma" that Chad had been dating Emily Kristal. Patti was unaware of her father having a girlfriend until she found a note in the trash from Emily. At first, Patti assumed Chad was dating Edwina Klotz until she and Doug spied on him and found out who Chad was really dating. After Patti's meltdown about Chad dating Emily, Chad realized that Patti really misses her mother and he should've told Patti what was going on and assured his daughter that nobody can take her mother's place in their hearts. In the series finale, he and Emily were married.