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Celia Mae
Background information
Feature films Monsters, Inc.
Monsters University
Short films
Television programs
Video games Disney Universe
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jennifer Tilly
Performance model
Inspiration Medusa
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Loving (normally)
Aggressive and explosive (when she's angry or her dates are ruined)
Appearance Slender light magenta monster, purple snakes as hair, one blue eye, green sleeveless scaly dress
Occupation Mike's girlfriend, receptionist at Monsters, Inc.
Alignment Good
Goal To remain Mike's girlfriend
Home Monstropolis
Allies Her boyfriend Mike, her new boss Sulley, Boo, Roz, the CDA, Henry J. Waternoose (formerly), Sushi Chef, Flint, Fungus
Enemies Her ex-boss Henry J. Waternoose, Randall Boggs
Likes Being with Mike, Mike's antics
Dislikes Her dates being ruined, Mike in danger
Powers and abilities Strength, controlling snakes
Fate Gets back together with Mike and remains his girlfriend
"Googley Bear!"

Celia Mae is the tetartagonist in Disney/Pixar's 2001 film Monsters, Inc. She is voiced by Jennifer Tilly.


Celia is normally a kind sweetheart, especially to her boyfriend Mike. While she may have an explosive temper when angered, she can calm down almost immediately when she is told the truth by Mike.

The snakes that make up her hair have a mind of their own; they make chirping noises when they're happy, rattle and hiss when they're mad, and they express fear when Celia thinks about getting a haircut (to which Mike respectfully objects, thus relieving them).


Monsters University

While Celia is sadly absent from the film, a picture of her is seen along with her phone number in Mike's locker towards the end of the film.

Monsters, Inc.

In the first film, Celia is celebrating her birthday, so Mike invites her to a Japanese restaurant called Harryhausen's (named in honor of legendary stop motion animator Ray Harryhausen), but due to Boo being in the restaurant, the place is decontaminated by the CDA. One device that is made to make a large dome that would get rid of fatal germs, but could harm people without CDA armor, which is why Celia comes back to work the next day with serious injuries. She is initially upset with Mike and complains about how the date was ruined, but when she sees Mike in danger of being captured by Randall for devious purposes, and when Mike reassures his love for her, she saves Mike by subduing Randall with a crowd after she feign-announces him breaking the all-time scare record. She is seen again at the end of the film, having fully recovered and made amends with Mike, and tells him that a box full of magazines has just arrived. Both she and Mike are surprised to see that Mike has made the cover of the magazine. She kisses him and her hair tickles his face.

The year before the film takes place, she and Mike are supposed to have won the 7-legged race at the year's company picnic.

She also appears in the company play "Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me" that stars her boyfriend, who has also written, directed, and produced the play.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor

Celia makes a very minor appearence in the ride. Her voice is heard over the intercom telling the guests when they can enter the laugh floor.

Disney Parks

Celia appears in attractions based on the film such as Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue! at Disney California Adventure and Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek at Tokyo Disneyland.


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  • Celia's name may be a play on the word "Cecaelia." It might also refer to Scylla, a monster in Greek mythology known for snatching up those who strayed too close to her with mouths attached to tentacle-like limbs (somewhat like Celia's snakes).
  • According to the book Monsters Inc.: The Essential Guide, the five snakes serving as Celia's "hair" are named Amelia, Bobelia, Ophelia, Cordelia and Madge.
  • Celia makes a cameo in M.U. on a picture in the ending. Her phone number can also be seen.
  • It's implied that Mike may have met Celia sometime after getting a job at Monsters Inc.
  • Celia's age, according to the handbook, is probably 24, making her a few years younger than Mike.
  • Celia's appearance resembles to the Greek mythology legend, Medusa. They share some similarities and differences.
    • They both have snakes for hair.
    • Medusa has two eyes but Celia has one.
    • Medusa turns people into stone by looking into her eyes but Celia doesn't have this ability.
    • Celia is a nice monster compared to Medusa who is bitter.

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