Celebration Mickey is a 24-karat-gold authentic Mickey Mouse sculpture. It is the largest gold sculpture ever cast in the history of the Disney Company.

Designed by Disney artist Marc Delle, the sculpture was produced in 2001 by the Great Western Mint in Orem, Utah to commemorate Walt Disney's 100th birthday.

Originally cast from 3,000 troy ounces of 24-karat gold, the sculpture, in its finished form, contains 1,501 troy ounces.

Celebration Mickey is certified to be an authentic, one-of-a-kind piece by Disneyland Resort. It is signed with the Disney Corporate Trademark on the side of Mickey's right foot. Disneyland Resort further guarantees that it is the only sculpture of its kind that will ever be made. The sculpture depicts the hallmark Walt Disney character dressed in his traditional button shorts, gloves, shirt and shoes.

In 2001, Edward N. Okil, executive director of the National Institute of Appraisers, appraised the value of Celebration Mickey at $4,000,000. The appraised value makes it one of the most expensive pieces of Disney memorabilia to ever exist. In fact, the nose of the sculpture alone is worth over $100,000.

The sculpture is fully owned by R & D Muller, Ltd., a Florida-based holding company.

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