Catty is an antagonist from the 1941 Disney film, Dumbo. Catty is one of the elephants closely linked to the Elephant Matriarch.


Catty is shown to be bold, cheeky, and kind off bossy. Catty is also loves gossiping about the troubles of others seen as she gives Dumbo his nickname and tells Giddy, Prissy, and the Elephant Matriarch about Mrs. Jumbo is in solitary confinement.



Catty is seen a little while after the movie's beginning, inside one of the circus train cars with the other elephants, plus the Matriarch. She is actually the one who gave the baby a New York district name also known as Dumbo. She sometimes spells out words like "ears" or "freak" instead of using the word. While she does not do much, she always is a part of the central gossip between the Matriarch and the other central female elephants, often the one who brings most of the dirt to the table, which can be shown as she tells everyone the news about Mrs. Jumbo being put into solitary confinement. This makes the others laugh awkwardly, until they are silenced.

Catty is apart of the "Pyramid of Pachyderms" act as she is the third elephant to climb on the pyramid, pulled up shortly after Prissy climbed atop the Matriarch. She is injured greatly when the pyramid collapses, seen later with a giant ice block strapped to her head, as the train leaves. She also was the one who told the news of Dumbo was made into a clown.

Catty is seen again towards the end as Dumbo sprays her and the other elephants with peanuts. She is also apart of the final version of "When I See an Elephant Fly", sung by the main female elephants.

House of Mouse

Catty makes an appearance with Prissy and the Matriarch in the House of Mouse episode, "Super Goof".


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  • She was the one to give Jumbo Jr. his nickname Dumbo.
  • The animation of Catty and the other gossipy elephants getting spooked by Timothy Q. Mouse was recycled for use in Goliath II for the scene with the elephant herd getting spooked by a mouse.
  • Like the other elephants within the Matriarch's close circle, Catty's name isn't revealed in the movie. Her name is only seen on concept artwork in the gallery on the Dumbo DVD.
  • Some people would say that Catty seems jealous that Prissy is the closest to the Matriarch and tries to gain more favorage from her throughout the film, which can be shown as she picks on Prissy during the pyramid act, calling her a "cream puff", stepping on her head and swatting another elephant at her rear before pulling him up.

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