"The Caterpillar's Song" is a song from the 1944 Short, Springtime for Pluto in which a deep-voiced singing green caterpillar voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft climbs up Pluto's tail and spins himself into a cocoon in preparation for his near-instantaneous metamorphosis into a beautiful dancing butterfly woman.


After almost getting eaten by a baby quail, the caterpillar crawls up Pluto's tail and starts singing a short and somewhat creepy song about his inevitable transformation. During the song, he pulls some silk from his tail, ties it on the end of Pluto's tail, jumps off and dangles himself before rapidly spinning his body until he is completely covered in his silk wrapping. The last two verses are sung inside the cocoon while a curious Pluto wags his tail, shaking and rattling the cocoon like a maraca.


Oh, little underslung friend so furry,
Wriggling by without a worry,
Hurry, hurry, hurry, lest thou be late,
To thy prearranged fate.

Oh, spin, spin, spin without questioning,
Spin thy cloak for evolutioning,
Hang, hang in suspended animation,
'Til comes the call for alteration.