Catawampus is Lanny's right-hand man and an antagonist from the live-action series, Pair of Kings.


Catawampus worked for Lanny while he was king of Lanada.

He seemed to be very clumsy and bad at his job, as he continued to purchase items for Lanny's kingdom that belonged in a nursery such as a play set castle (O Lanada) and a life-size train model instead of an actual train. However, sometimes his stupidity helped the kingdom, like, for example, the rocket he placed on the end of the train which shot Sasha's boyfriend into the air. (Heart and Troll)

He fought off Zombies that had attacked Lanada after being brought to life by Kaita The Bat-Rider, allowing Lanny to escape the island. After Kaita was defeated, he arrived a the plaza wondering what he had missed. He stated that he was lucky to have Lanny as a king. (Long Live The Kings)