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ATOM lioness

Catalina Leone, a.k.a. Lioness, is the only girl on the team. She is Brazilian and very skilled in the dance martial arts, Capoeira, which makes her a very good fighter. She came to Landmark City at the age of 15 to finish school. She is seen in the series A.T.O.M..


Lioness is a 1.70m tall Brazilian girl with tanned skin and long light-brown hair, which she usually wears in a ponytail. Her eyes are gold-green. She fancies the color green as she is often seen wearing it.

Her casual outfit has a white and green striped top and khaki colored training pants with green and white boots. Sometimes she wears a short green top with yellow hems and matching pants.


Lioness enjoys challenges and is very courageous, even though she has two fears - Paine's power and speaking in front of big crowds. Since she grew up with four brothers she is a tomboy and knows how a guy thinks. She despises anything too "girly" and she has only been seen wearing a dress twice. She is very active and takes part in the team's immature activities. She cares a lot about her teammates, especially Axel, and tries to cheer them up whenever something troubles them.


Axel Manning - From the very beginning they shared a deep relationship, trusting one another completely. She is his flawed moral compass and he will always listen to her, even though it sometimes seems like he does not listen, he takes her words into consideration. She is most likely in love with him, because she acts jealous when Axel is being flirted with by Magness and his childhood friend Madison.

Cray Kingston (King) - They have a sibling relationship. They take care of each other like a brother and a sister.

Ollie Herbert Sharker (Shark) - They get along very well and in the beginning it seems like Shark has a crush on her. However, it becomes obvious that Shark is not really interested in her in that way. They end up having a good pal relationship.

Zach Hawkes (Hawk) - Hawk is the one who is most likely to irritate her by just being himself. They are very different, since Hawk is very arrogant and occupied with his outer appearance, while Lioness is not. They have some sort of hate-love relationship because whenever he feels down she tries to cheer him up or encourage him, even though she knows how annoying he can be.

Rico Leone (Thrash) - Lioness' father. She is very angry with him for leaving the family because of his work. In season 2 he shows up and tries to make it up to her. She declines him, but after Axel talks to her about his own father and that he has no chance of seeing him again, she begins to soften up to the idea. In the end she and her dad reconcile.



Lioness excels at the Brazilian dance martial art Capoeira and even gives classes, which indicates that she has a high rank.

Her Capoeira knowledge enables her to fight very well and gracefully, as she is quite agile and fast.