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Due to the release of Cars 2, Lego released their Cars Range of Lego Toys. The first wave was released late May 2011 and 7 more sets came December 2011.


Flo's V8 Cafe

This set is of the famous location in Radiator Springs where the residents there hang out.

Mack's Team Truck

This set is of Mack and Lighting Mcqueen on their way to Radiator Springs.

Cars 2

Tokyo International Circuit

This is a model of the start of the Tokyo International Circuit.

Ultimate Build Francesco

This set is of Lightning McQueen's Rival in the World Grand Prix.

Ultimate Buld Mater

This set if of Mater is Spy Mode.

Ultimate Build Lightning McQueen

This set is of Lightning McQueen.

Big Bently Bust Out

This is a model of the famous clock tower in London and when three spies broke out to rescue Lightning McQueen.

Spy Jet Escape

This is a model of Finn McMissile and Mater's escape from Tokyo.

Escape at Sea

This is the set of the scene when Finn McMissile escaped from Professor Z's Boats.

Mater's Spy Zone

This set is of Mater and Holley Shiftwell's Spy Zone.

Ultimate Race Set

This set features 2 slammers that launch the cars into the race against Raoul CaRoule.

Oil Rig Escape

This set is of Finn Mcmissile's Escape from Professor Z's Oil Rig.

Red's Water Escape

This set is of the scene when Red puts out Professor Z's henchman, Acer.

Agent Mater's Escape

This model is of Mater escaping from the Casino where he has revealed his identity.

Small Models of Cars

There are 4 of these to collect,

  • Francesco Bernoulli
  • Ivan Mater
  • Finn McMissile
  • Jeff Gorvette