Carole Bennet is the tritagonist and Jim Douglas' first love interest in The Love Bug.


Jim first met Carole at a car dealership and was originally dating her boss, Peter Thorndyke. Herbie, who was sold to him by her, felt they were made for each other and tried to match them up by taking them to a drive in and to a romantic point.

Through the beginning of the film she was always beside Thorndyke and was one of her pit crew members. However after she saw what he did to Herbie, she quit Throndyke to help fix Herbie.

She joined Jim and Tennessee Steinmetz as one of the co-drivers in the El Dorado and through the course of the film grew romantically involved with Jim and at the end she marries him.

She is last driving away with Jim in Herbie on their way to their honeymoon.


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