Carmen Sanderson
Carmen Sanderson (1927-2017) was a well known Disney staff member who began her long career in 1945. Starting out in traffic she eventually went to work in Ink and Paint for a variety of films ranging from Sleeping Beauty to Lilo and Stitch. After the switch to "CAPS"  She continued to work at Disney until the March 2002 layoff of much of the 2D animation staff. Even then she was very much active with the Disney crew frequently attending screenings of their animated films. Sanderson died in October 6th 2017 at the age of 90.


Cinderella-Ink and Paint (Uncredited)

Peter Pan-Ink and Paint (Uncredited)

Sleeping Beauty-Ink and Paint (Uncredited)

101 Dalmations-Ink and Paint (Uncredited)

The Sword and the Stone-Ink and Paint (Uncredited)

The Jungle Book-Ink and Paint (Uncredited)

The Aristocats-Ink and Paint (Uncredited)

Robin Hood-Ink and Paint (Uncredited)

The Rescuers-Ink and Paint (Uncredited)

The Fox and the Hound-Ink and Paint (Uncredited)

The Black Cauldron-Xerox and Photo Transfer

The Great Mouse Detective-Ink and Paint Supervisor

Oliver & Company-Xerox Check/Inking

The Little Mermaid-Xerox Check/Inking Supervisor

The Rescuers Down Under-Painter

Beauty and the Beast-Painter


Trail Mix Up-Painter

The Lion King-Painter


Runaway Brain-Painter

The Hunchback of Notre Dame-Painter




Fantasia 2000-Painter

The Emperor's New Groove-Painter

Alantis-The Lost Empire-Painter

Lilo and Stitch-Painter

Treasure Planet-Painter

Home on the Range-Painter