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Carl Karl
Background information
Feature films Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension
Short films
Television programs Phineas and Ferb
Video games Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension (DS version only)
Park attractions Agent P's World Showcase Adventure
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Tyler Alexander Mann[1][2]
Performance model
Inspiration High school/College nerds; Interns-stereotype.
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Dr. Coconut
Personality Higly intelligent, somewhat weak.
Appearance Teenager with big glasses and brown hair wearing a lab coat.
Occupation "Paid Intern" (not technically paid), Unpaid Intern (Formerly, in essence he is still), College Student (On vacation)
Alignment The O.W.C.A.
Goal To help the Agency whenever he can.
Home Danville.
Allies Major Monogram (boss), Perry the Platypus, other O.W.C.A. agents., Heinz Doofenshmirtz (briefly)
Enemies L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N., Heinz Doofenshmirtz (most of the time), Aloyse von Roddenstein
Likes Science, action, being an agent, getting good grades, working.
Dislikes Having Agent P fired, being fired himself, getting bad grades.
Powers and abilities Reasonable disguise abilities.
Weapons Many technological devices, cameras and robots.
Fate Becomes the head of the O.W.C.A., known as Commander Carl, after Major Monogram retires. (series)

Activates the Anmesia-inator to erase the memories of Agent P's owners so they can forget about his double-life and keep him as their pet. (movie)

Quote "Sorry about that, sir."
"Man! I thought it was a real girl..."
Sorry, sir...
―Carl to Major Monogram
Man! I thought it was a real girl...

Carl Karl, nicknamed Dr. Coconut[3] by Dr. Doofenshmirtz, is a supporting character of the popular TV show, Phineas and Ferb. He is the unpaid intern and cameraman of Major Monogram. He comes from a family of unpaid interns and is very loyal to Major Monogram. He works at the O.W.C.A. for college credit. He has been working at O.W.C.A for about 5 years. ("Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension")

Present Life

When Dr. Doofenshmirtz asked Vanessa to pick up blueprints at Blueprint Heaven for a Space Laser-inator Ray, Carl is dressed as the lady at Blueprint Heaven. He accidentally gives real plans for a Space Laser-inator Ray to Ferb and gave Vanessa the blueprints for an Ice Cream Machine. Major Monogram then calls him a rookie for his mistake ("I Scream, You Scream").

When Major Monogram is unable to debrief Agent P due to a back injury, Carl does takes over for him instead. He made the close-up too close to his face, making his glasses the only thing visible ("The Flying Fishmonger").

When Dr. Doofenshmirtz built the Freeze-inator, it was Carl who debriefed the mission instead of Major Monogram due to the Major being unable to move because he was shot by the Freeze-inator. He accidentally knocks Major Monogram over, thus showing that he is very clumsy ("It's About Time!").

Carl also has his own theme called Carl the Intern. He once had to disguise himself as an ice cream man because Baljeet and Buford were watching Perry and Perry couldn't get his mission. So when Baljeet and Buford were ordering Carl's ice cream, Perry went through an escape door in the ice cream truck. Then Carl zooms off, leaving Baljeet clueless about where Perry went ("Swiss Family Phineas").

During the Father-Daughter picnic, he built a robotic replica of the Flynn-Fletcher family to replace Lawrence Fletcher for the Father-Daughter picnic competition while he was restoring his memory. He also helped make the switch between the robotic version and the real Mr. Fletcher and congratulates Agent P until a kid sees them, forcing him and Agent P to quickly leaves the scene ("I Was a Middle Aged Robot").

When Phineas and Ferb create a device to reverse the effects of gravity, Carl goes undercover as a boy, thinking that Phineas and Ferb are in league with Doofenshmirtz. Since Agent P is close to the boys, Major Monogram has him find Agent G, giving him suspect locations, some being the moon and Monte Carlo. Carl discovers that the boys are just having fun and returns with the news ("Undercover Carl").

When Dr. Doofenshmirtz abducts Major Monogram, Carl gives Perry his briefing, describing Major Monogram going to Tokyo for the international Good Guy convention. He also shows the letter made from cut-out magazine letters, and mentions Dr. Doofenshmirtz going to Tokyo with his daughter. However, he passes the whole situation off as a coincidence, and gives Perry the day off ("Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You!").

While attending Squirrel-Con, Carl finds Agent P's hat, and since Major Monogram is too busy to do anything, Carl goes to find out what has happened to Agent P and gets captured by Doofenshmirtz ("The Remains of the Platypus").

By accident, he fell under the influence of Doctor Doofenshmirtz's Ultimate Evil-inator, using his status within the OWCA to launch a full scale attack on the Tri-State Area, momentarily slowed down by Perry's interference before he strangely disappears ("Where's Perry?").

His plans to conquer the Tri-State Area were severely damaged as Perry locked the control panel and only his paw print could unlock it. To this extent, Carl goes on a hunt for the lost platypus and winds up in Africa, cornering Agent P in the unexplored gorge. However, Agent P does not give into evil Carl and engages his robot duplicates in a full scale battle with aide from the African wildlife, a confused Candace, Major Monogram and Doofenshmirtz before Doof uses his newly built -inator to turn Carl back to his normal self. He then returns home with Monogram and Doof, but not before being promoted to the "title" of "paid intern" ("Where's Perry?").   


Carl is a bit careless and sometimes forgets to focus the camera, causing Major Monogram to be humiliated during some occasions. In one occasion in particular, Carl accidentally didn't zoom in, revealing that Major Monogram isn't wearing any pants. He is also desperate for a girlfriend. When Agent P went into his lair while his brain was in Candace Flynn's body, they at first thought there had been a breach in security and that it was a real girl, causing Carl to get very excited. They were soon under the impression that it was merely a disguised Agent P when his fedora fell onto his head. Carl was very disappointed, he walked off-screen dejectedly, saying, "Man! I thought it was a real girl" ("Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?").

Physical Appearance

Carl has red hair and wears purple framed glasses, dark green eyes and he also has freckles. His outfit consists of a white shirt with three white buttons, light brown pants and orange sneakers. He also used to wear braces. ("Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension")

When under the influence of Doofenshmirtz's Ultimate Evil-inator, he was seen wearing a black leather jacket, a pair of shades over his eyes and jeans. However, he was mostly seen in his normal clothes despite his new "evil" persona.

Background Information

  • His full name was revealed to be Carl Karl in the credits of "Ain't No Kiddie Ride". Prior to that, he was listed as "Karl" in the credits for most of his appearances, and his name was shown on-screen as "Carl" in "Swiss Family Phineas". (See the logo in the picture above.) Carl Karl is also used in the "O.W.C.A training video" commercials for the Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension video game adaptation.
  • He drives an undercover ice cream truck ("Swiss Family Phineas", "I Was a Middle Aged Robot").
  • Major Monogram calls him a rookie. This might mean that he might have started working there at the beginning of summer ("I Scream, You Scream"). This belief is contradicted in a flashback as it shows Carl secretly assigning Perry to the Flynn-Fletcher family 5 years in the past. However, it could just mean that Carl has been working for Monogram for about 5 years as some sort of volunteer and has only been promoted to 'unpaid intern' that summer. Monogram said "unpaid intern in no time" so he should have been promoted at least on his 3rd or 4th year working for the O.W.C.A. ("Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension").
  • Carl's age is not certain, but he is most likely a sophomore going to be a junior next school year, as he said he "based his sophomore thesis on quakes and seismic events" ("At the Car Wash").
  • He knows how to cook a spaghetti, but his forgetfulness prevents him from cooking it well ("At the Car Wash").
  • Carl knows how to work a camera, clear a paper jam, format, spell check and text edit ("Swiss Family Phineas").
  • Carl has his own website ("At the Car Wash", "Undercover Carl").
  • He also has his own e-mail address ("Jerk De Soleil").
  • He likes to dance to the Dr. Coconut song, as well as dress as the character when he dances ("Spa Day").
  • It is said that he is working for Major Monogram for college credit ("Swiss Family Phineas").
  • Though he was born without nostrils; therefore, he does not have a sense of smell ("Ain't No Kiddie Ride"), He said Major Monogram smelled like garlic in ("Brain Drain"), he also said a letter-stamp smelled good ("The Curse of Candace").
  • His theme song has a remake ("Undercover Carl").
  • He can speak French ("Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers").
  • Carl can't draw very well ("No More Bunny Business").
  • Carl is depicted as very clumsy ("It's About Time!").
  • Carl is called Kees in Dutch. While the Dutch name Karel is closer to the original, it would be two syllables. However, in the Czech Republic, Carl is called Karel.
  • Carl is afraid of the smell of garlic, even though he doesn't have nostrils ("Brain Drain", "Ain't No Kiddie Ride").
  • Carl has been working at the O.W.C.A. for at least 5 years ("Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension").
  • His glasses are made of aluminum ("Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension").
  • Carl is afraid of spiders, snails and rats ("Bad Hair Day").
  • He goes to squirrel conventions ("The Remains of the Platypus").
  • His voice gets squeaky when he's lying/nervous ("Delivery of Destiny").
  • He seems to want Monogram to be proud of him and is jealous of his son Monty. ("Minor Monogram")
  • Despite having a nasally voice, Carl is actually a decent singer. ("Where's Perry?")
  • He is now officially a paid intern, though the OWCA won't be paying him, it's just a title. ("Where's Perry?')
  • So far, Carl is the only one in the O.W.C.A. (other than Perry) to know of Vanessa and Monty's relationship. Apparently, Monty owes Carl because he didn't tell Major Monogram about his secret relationship with Vanessa ("My Sweet Ride").
  • He's on Major Monogram's heebie jeebie scale. ("Fly On The Wall")
  • Carl has a cousin named Larry. ("Primal Perry")
  • He comes from a family of unpaid interns with Carla.Its unknown if Carla is his sister or his cousin.
  • He has seen phineas and ferb twice.
  • He is not as strict like major monogram.





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