The Captain of the Guards is a supporting character in Disney's 2010 film Tangled.


The captain, as his name indicates, is the head of Corona's royal guard. As such, he spends a majority of his time working to ensure the safety within the kingdom remains intact. At some point in time, the captain came to adopt an orphaned girl named Cassandra, whom he raised from childhood as his daughter.


The captain is gruff and no-nonsense, with a strict sense of order. He does not tolerate any criminals within the kingdom, and will go on an endless pursuit to apprehend those who offend Corona's crown. He tends to view criminals as worthless and pathetic, and understandably refuses to show even the slightest bit of sympathy or kindness toward them, as seen in his relationship with his arch-rival, Flynn Rider. Even after Flynn proved his selflessness by rescuing Corona's lost princess, Rapunzel, the captain refuses to welcome him into the castle with open arms. Instead, he chose to ruin Rider's life whenever the chance came his way, even if it meant going against common decency and fairness, showing a bitter and spiteful side to himself. However, the captain is not as cruel as he may seem. He is able to show humility and admit when he may have overreacted, though he is a man who will stand by his decisions for the most part. He is also loving and protective toward his daughter, Cassandra. According to Cassandra, the captain raised her to be strong, independent, and the importance of earning your goals through hard work.



The captain is the head of the palace guards who currently spends most of his time chasing after Flynn Rider and the Stabbington Brothers. Eventually the brothers are arrested but Flynn is still on the move. Accompanying him is his guards and horse Maximus who may actually have more intellect. Throughout the film he and his men chase Flynn and later Rapunzel. Soon enough after returning to the palace, they find Rider and arrest him. When taking him to execution he escapes with the help of the infamous Pub Thugs and in during which, the captain is knocked out by Attila the thug. He is not seen for the remainder of the film and the finale shows that Maximus has taken over his captain status.

Tangled: Before Ever After


The Captain in Tangled: Before Ever After.

The captain plays a minor role in the sequel, taking place six months after the events of Tangled, and before Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding in Tangled: Before Ever After. He retains his position as captain of the guard, and is first seen chasing down Rapunzel and Flynn (now going by his true name, Eugene) as they pursue the kingdom's border wall to allow Rapunzel a chance to look out into the land surrounding Corona. The captain fails to stop them, once again, but simply accepts defeat and calls Rapunzel back once preparations for her coronation are set to begin. Later on, the captain is seen ensuring King Frederic that Corona's security has been amped, per request, although this does not stop the pirate Lady Caine and her band of thieves from crashing Rapunzel's coronation. The thieves barricade the hall's door, locking the guards out, though they manage to break through in time to arrest the villains, who were already defeated by Rapunzel, Eugene and Cassandra.

Tangled: The Series

Fitzherbert P.I. 2

The Captain and Eugene.

In the television series taking place immediately after Tangled: Before Ever After, the captain first appears in the episode "Fitzherbert P.I.", where Eugene pursues a position in the royal guard, though the captain is less than pleased by this ambition. He purposely makes attempts to sabotage Eugene's chances of earning the job, but after hearing some words of advice from Cassandra (who disapproves of her father's unfair acts), Eugene matches the captain's wits by slyly maneuvering around the latter's tactics. Once Eugene successfully earns his spot, the captain puts him on duty in the cell block with only one single prisoner. Eugene scoffs the task and visits Rapunzel instead. During his absence, the thief escapes, infuriating the captain who fires Eugene on the spot. Later on, Eugene claims that one of the castle's priceless paintings may have been stolen, but the captain refuses to believe him, forcing him to go out with Maximus and Cassandra to stop the thief, himself. Meanwhile, the captain and his men come to realize that Eugene was right, and rush to apprehend the criminal. Once they arrive onto the scene, it is revealed that Eugene had already taken care of the job, and comments that he has one skill that the guards lack: the mentality of a thief. This gives the captain the idea to, out of remorse, give Eugene his own class, in which he must teach the guards how to think like a thief, in order to apprehend them at a more efficient rate.

In the episode "Cassandra v. Eugene", the Stabbington Brothers escape their cell and kidnap Cassandra and Eugene to use as "human shields" as they make their escape. The captain and his men arrive almost immediately, but Sideburns threatens to harm Cassandra unless the captain orders his men to stand down. The captain does so begrudgingly, but the sight of his daughter being taken away infuriates him, prompting him and his men to follow the brothers closely. Soon enough, the trail to the brothers is closed off due to Patchy's quick-thinking, allowing the brothers time to focus on their main goal: killing Eugene. They decide they'll keep Cassandra alive as leverage against the captain, but while they were distracted by Eugene, Cassandra manages to knock the brothers unconscious. She and Eugene are met by Rapunzel, just as the guards arrive to apprehend Sideburns and Patchy. The captain checks to ensure that Cassandra's okay, and she confirms that she is with Rapunzel and Eugene by her side.

In "Great Expotations", the guard is short on staff due to high security demands for the kingdom's science expo. Cassandra sees this as her chance to join the guard, and though hesitant due to their familial ties, the captain agrees that Cassandra meets all the requirements and gives her the position. In the end, the captain expresses his satisfaction with Cassandra's performance as a guardsman, and offers her another assignment. Cassandra warmly denies in favor of helping her friend, Varian. This bodes well with the captain, who shows pride in his daughter's selflessness.


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