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Canoe is Patti Randall's boyfriend. He makes and eats sandwiches, surfs, and takes Patti to surfing movies. Since Patti started getting Zeke Kelso on using D.C. to find Dan and Iggy and Margaret Miller, Canoe starts to get supicious and tries to investigate what is going on. On the night they caught Dan and Iggy, Canoe got stuck in the garage door but eventually got out.

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Media: That Darn Cat! (1965) | That Darn Cat (1997)

Characters: Patti Randall | Zeke Kelso | D.C. | Dan and Iggy | Ingrid Randall | Gregory Benson | Mr. MacDougall | Mrs. MacDougall | Supervisor Newton | Margaret Miller | Canoe | Landlady | Graham | Spires | Cahill | Kelly | Mr. Hofstedder

Songs: That Darn Cat!

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