Cannibal Capers is a Silly Symphony that was released on March 13, 1930. This is one of the very rare Disney cartoons because of its depiction of African natives.


The opening scene appears to be some palm trees swaying in the wind, only they turn out to be the legs and grass skirts of dancing cannibals. The jungle tribe's riotous musical celebration is interrupted by a fierce lion. The lion chases one of the natives and bites him on the bottom. The lion's teeth come out, still attached to the native's bottom. The native takes the teeth, puts them in his mouth, and chases the lion, biting him as the cartoon ends. The cartoon has several fun gags, such as one native being mistaken as a turtle and thrown into the stew pot. A Mickey Mouse Club version is incomplete, ending with the lion chasing the native and leaving out the very end.

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