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Candy Barbarian (full name: Candace Barbarian) is the oldest sister of the three siblings from Dave the Barbarian.


Dave the Barbarian

Candy is the oldest child of the King and Queen of Udrogoth. When the King and Queen leave the kingdom to fight evil, Candy is charged with ruling the kingdom as regent, while her brother Dave is to protect it.

Candy is a stereotypical valley girl, who prefers shopping to ruling the kingdom. She is considered to be the most beautiful girl in the kingdom, but can be selfish. While her brother Dave is considered the strongest barbarian, Candy has martial arts skills, and has been shown to be excellent at combating monsters attacking shops.


  • She is similar to both Candace Flynn and Princess Baldegunde as they all have red hair and are teenagers. Also, just like Baldegunde, Candy is a princess too, but isn't so regal in appearance or personality. Candy, meanwhile is Candace's nickname. Candy often gets frustrated, like Candace, but isn't on the receiving end of slapstick to as large an extent.


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