Candis is a character on the tv series Pair of Kings. She is a popular girl on Kinkow that auditioned for Mikayla's best friend in the episode 'The One About Mikayla's Friends'. Because of her being obsessed with her look she gets Mikayla and herself in danger.

Also in The Evil King she helps Mikayla with her 'Brady dreams'. She is also seen at the start with her own Kinkow gossip show.

She is also seen in The New King which also has Adam Hicks in it.

In Mysteries of Kinkow, Candis was sent to the dungeon after opening a dark side tomb cave housing Kutamungo.


  • She believes that kisses can change lives and break spells.
  • According to her, the only weapon that she needs is her lipgloss.
  • She indirectly contributed to Brady leaving Kinkow.