Call It Courage is an episode of The Wonderful World of Disney, which aired on April 1, 1973.


The natives of the island of Hikueru tell a tale of the courage of a boy, Matafu, and his dog, Tambu. Matafu's father is lost in the shark-infested ocean, which results in the boy having nightmares. But the boy must confront such fears to be judged as a man. So Matafu and Tambu set sail for adventure, where they find some real dangers on another island inhabited by a savage tribe.


  • This was filmed on location on both Tahiti and Bora Bora, the latter serving as the cannibal island. Filming took eight months.
  • The name Matafu means "stout heart".


  • Don Ho - Narrator
  • Evan Temarii - Mafatu