Not to be confused with Cain, a minor villain from Jungle Cubs.

Caine is a character from Dragon Booster. He is Moordryd Paynn's right hand man and lieutenant of the Dragon Eyes Down City crew. Like Parm to Artha, Caine is probably Moordryd's best friend. His dragon is Coershun, a fierce, black draconium Psi-class dragon.


Caine is loyal to the Dragon Eyes and rather smart, but at times his cowardice and ridiculous phobias gets the better of him and he ends up retreating instead of helping the rest of the Dragon Eyes fight. Like Kitt, he is rather sarcastic and cynical. He loves to get under Moordryd's skin by taunting him and making dry remarks.

As much of a good Dragon Eye as Caine is, he is somewhat of a coward, but enjoys tormenting members of the Penn Racing Crew. He will joke around when he is bothering them, and that is his weakness. (Like in Episode 32 "When Opposites Attract", when he captured Lance, but Lance stepped on his foot.)

The muscular Caine has a tattoo of the Dragon Eye crew symbol on his forehead and has dark dreadlocks and gold-brown eyes. He wears a dull-colored gray and maroon outfit, not concealing much of the top besides a few straps. Like Parm, his skin tone is darker, and he is 17 years old and 5'10" tall. After thinking Moordryd betrayed him in the episode "Caine's Mutiny", he revolts against him and supports shadow booster. Later Moordryd revealed to him that he is the Shadow Booster and Caine calmed down.