Buzzsaw is a Thresher Slug who belongs to Eli Shane. Buzzsaw looks like a tiger shark when it reaches 100 mph. While in protoform Buzzsaw can chomp through most objects. He is one of Eli's most commonly used slugs and is shown throughout most of the series. He was first seen in "The World Beneath Our Feet part 1".

Known Moves

  • Protoform Abilities - Can chomp through most objects.
  • Sawtusk - Huge chomping bite.
  • Throttlebit - Curls into a flat circle and spins like a saw blade, boney spines on the outside to slice things.

Fusion Shots


  • MagmaBlade: "Buzzsaw"+"Torch" - Forms a superheated spinning sawblade that spews lava from its sides.
  • SawBolo: "Buzzsaw"+"Bolo" - The Polero grabs the Thresher, spinning it at high speeds, leading to a bolo like appearance.


  • According to the Slugisode "Trading Slugs", Buzzsaw is a rookie-level Slug.
  • Even though he has been used extensively throughout the series he is unable to Mega Morph.
  • In the slugisode "Fun Facts About Slugs" intro it doesn't shoe his antannaes or spikes.