Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is a Windows PC game created by Travelers Tales with Disney Interactive and Pixar in 2000. The game consists of multiple planets, each with a villain on it. In each level the player races the villain to his/her getaway destination. Then the player engages in a one-on-one battle the villain, which usually requires destroying an energy shield surrounding the villain.


Level Villain Planet from TV series Episode associated Description
1 One of Torque's thugs Jo-Ad The peaceful agricultural center of the galactic alliance is in trouble. One of Torgue's thugs has been spotted rampaging around.
2 Gravitina Flamar Gravitina Near a huge flaming sun, most of this world is molten liquid with outcrops of solid rock and volcanoes that spew lava. Buzz Lightyear must defeat the evil Gravitina, whose control of gravity is wreaking havoc on the planets surface.
3 NOS-4-A2 Canis Lunis NOS-4-A2 This remote planet is desolate and eerie. An ideal location for Nos4A2, the energy vampire to strike. Take care when confronting him.
4 Marl Karn A perpetual swamp, in a world alive with jungle plants. There is an evil presence that must be dealt with swiftly, going by the name of Skreel.[A]
5 The Fixer Trade World The Return of XL The bustling urban center of the galaxy. Everything is for sale here with thugs abound. The con merchant Fixer is up to his old tricks and must be stopped for good.
6 Torque Jo-Ad It seems that Torque himself has finally surfaced. Only the best space ranger can bring him to justice.
7 Skreel Karn It seems that the Skreel's partner Marl is causing more trouble on this swamp planet. He must be stopped.[A]
8 Plasma Boy Ice World The Plasma Monster Strange plasma effects surround this icy world. Buzz Lightyear and the rangers must investigate.
9 Blackfin Bathyos Panic on Bathyos There is something rotten in this underwater world of Bathyos. Blackfin is in league with Zurg. Underwater equipment is vital for the pursuit of this villain.
10 Warp Darkmatter Flamar At last, Buzz Lighyear's ex-partner Warp Darkmatter has been sighted on the treacherous lava world. Once again the perilous region must be braved against a formidable foe.
11 XL Trade World A rooftop pursuit across this corrupt city. XL must be stopped before its too late.
12 Wirewolf Canis Lunis Wirewolf Once more you must return to the sinister world. The ominous green moon is out, and there is something very dangerous lurking in the research station.
13 Zurg Planet Z Finally, Zurg himself has revealed a weakness. Star Command has cornered him on Planet Z, the filth-belching capitol of Zurg's evil empire. The risks are huge. Can Buzz Lightyear and Star Command triumph?
14 Zurg Planet Z (Zurg's Throne Room) Take on the might of Zurg himself in the ultimate battle for supremacy.

Note: In the game, Buzz speaks to the villain as "Marl" on Level 4 and as "Skreel" on Level 7.


A screenshot of Buzz fighting Gravitina on Level 2. Notice her shield is purple, which matches the weapon used to destroy it.

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