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Buzz Buzz Bee
Buzz-Buzz the Bee is a bumble bee that is featured in Disney comics and films. He is from Duckburg and has an unnamed wife.


His first appearance was in the film Inferior Decorator (Aug. 27, 1948). His first Comic appearance was in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories" #92 in "Inferior Decorator" (May 1948) and later he was also in "WDC&S" #99 in "Honey Harvester" (Dec. 1948). Buzz-Buzz appeared in seven cartoons and was retroactively named, though in some cartoons he was called Spike, Claudius and Hector, Buzz-Buzz became the preferred Studio name. Usually a rival for Donald Duck, Buzz-Buzz also appeared in at least one Pluto cartoon.



  • "bzzzzzzzz" (almost coherent buzzing language).

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