Burpy is an Infurnus Slug. He was part of Will Shane's arsenal until he was sent to find Eli right before Will went missing. He is Eli's faithful companion, an ultimate fire-based weapon and master slug strategist. He's also the general to Eli's army of slug buddies. Extremely loyal to Eli and more clever than your average slug, Burpy's got slug moves most people have never even seen before like Fire Wall.


Burpy debuts in The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1, where he finds Eli Shane, after Will Shane is "killed" by Dr. Blakk. He directs Eli down to SlugTerra, where they meet Pronto, a Molenoid scavenging Will Shane's roost. They head to a tournament qualifier, where Eli outwits Shockwire, and defeats him with Burpy. Burpy is also shown to have a friendship with Joules.

In The World Beneath Our Feet Part 2, Burpy helps Eli to win the first round and get Banger. He is also one of Eli's many slugs to help him get into the final against John Bull. During the final match, Eli shoots Burpy as his last slug and Burpy takes on John's ghoul slug and loses thus making John the winner. Later, when Eli is dueling Dr. Blakk and his henchmen, Burpy unleashes his fire wall and defeats 3 ghoul slugs helping win the battle

In The Slug Out, Burpy defeats Billy's Hop Rock during the trickshot match and also wins the duel against Billy for Eli. When Billy returns with ghoul slugs, Burpy uses Pronto's device and unleashes the Grenukes on Billy and his gang therefore eliminating most of their slugs.

In the episode Lightwell he has contracted a sickness from exposure to Ghouls. The only cure is to reach The Lightwell. On the way there he had only gotten sicker. Finally, Eli is able to overcome many obstacles obstructing the way. There, Burpy recharged for a minute as Dr. Blakk attempted to destroy the Lightwell and Eli who was trapped. However as Blakk decides to destroy Eli first, the well manages to cure his ghouls, giving Burpy enough time to emerge. There he knocked Blakk into the wall allowing the Shadow Clan to take Blakk.

In the episode Upgrade Burpy had reached 200 mph, unlocking his Mega Morph. Once he morphed he gained white markings, replacing his head symbol temporarily. He also gained the markings and his wings gained a hand like appearence at 200mph.

In the episode Back to Blakk it turns out that Burpy was once Blakk's slug, until he and other slugs rebelled against Blakk and joined Will Shane.

In the episode "Bandoleer of Brothers", Burpy helps Rookie, a new slug, get used to being a slinger's slug and after getting captured, encourages Rookie to fight back.


Burpy has the normal slug physiology, with orange skin color with flame designs on his head and stomach. Originally Burpy was a regular Infurnus. After mega morphing he stayed in that form.

Known Moves

  • Protoform Abilities - Small flame, good for light in dark spots, signal flares, lighting a camp fire.
  • Flashfire - Shoots a small to medium fireball.
  • Beatwave - Hits the ground surrounded by a giant fireball, knocking opponents back.
  • Heatshield - Stops in mid-air, flame wings spread out and projects a protective wall of fire.
  • Spikescorch - Extremely hot micro-comet projectile, good for piercing stone or steel.
  • Flamespire - Spiral rings of fire surround an opponent.
  • Novaclaw - Creates an exploding, fiery path.
  • Wingburst - Stops in air with wings wide open and showers foe with firey strafing.

Fusion Shots


  • NovaShock: "Burpy"+"Joules" - This shot forms an ionized plasma blast engulfed in flames.
  • NitroBubble: "Burpy"+"Suds" - This shot forms a flaming bubble that can be used for emergency transport. It functions like a high speed hot air balloon which can go any direction.
  • InfernoSlam: "Burpy"+"Bludgeon" - Once launched, the Slugs will spin around each other, leading to a Rammstone with blazing horns.
  • Supernova: "Burpy"+"Glimmer" - The slugs spin, while the Phosphoro starts lighting up, the Infurnus boosts the light.
  • MagmaStrike: "Burpy"+"Banger" - The slugs launch a flaming boulder.

Defective Combos

  • TiringPulse: "Burpy"+"Beeker" - Tiring pulse that tires out all normal slugs in the area.



  • Burpy is often mistaken for a Flaringo.
  • Burpy sleeps with a nightmask.
  • In "The Journey Home", it is shown that Pronto's wildly exaggerated stories about himself annoyed Burpy to the point of hitting his head against the wall.
  • Burpy along with Spinner, Banger, Joules, and Chiller know how to drive a Mecha-Beast.
  • Burpy usually sleeps in a sock.
  • Burpy was the first slug to go against a ghoul Slug.
  • Burpy was the first one seen to use the slug passage.
  • Burpy is the only known Infurnus.
  • Burpy's powers can't be activated in the water.
  • In "The Hard Part", Kord and Red Hook's conversation gets so boring that Burpy falls asleep.
  • In "The Slugout", at the start of the second round of the trick shot competition, when Billy puts his Boon Doc back into his arsenal, there is an Infernus slug instead of a Flaringo, which is one of the most common mistakes made in the show.
  • In "Mission: Improbable" Burpy and Pronto gain new respect for each other as they rescued the rest of the Shane gang from Mr. Saturday
  • In the "Did you know?" page, it's said that Burpy was passed down from the first Shane ever but he actually was formerly owned by Blakk as shown in "Back to Blakk".
  • When Burpy gets exposed to extra slug energy, he turns blue and his fire turns to blue fire (maybe very hot) but you can ride it.