Burger Pitt
Burger Pitt is the slightly dim bass player of Iron Weasel.


Burger Pitt, our meaty bass player is the resident stalker magnet and dispenser of rockadelic wisdom. He boasts dynamic flatulence skills and is equally at ease with his feminine side and putting his fist through a wall. Has a very electrified personality as a rock star, and is shown to have a lot of joy in physical acts, such as smashing his own bass or running his head into a wall.


Burger, like the other members of the band, usually appears as stupid. He is also the most feminen of the band, and is the only one who does role playing. Burger might have some skills in the fields of medical expertise, especially dissecting stuff. Burger does seem to have a bit more common sense than the other members as well.


  • He plays bass for Iron Weasel.
  • Burger has a crush on Tripp's mom as revealed by Derek and Ash.
  • Burger killed Ash's fishes, Sushi and Sushi 2.
  • He is the only member of Iron Weasel to have blond hair.
  • He has a man servant.
  • He seems to be a better friend with Ash than with Derek.
  • Samuel accidentally used Voice Blaster hit Godzilla's voice into Burger voice (different voice).
  • Burger is played by Greg Baker.
  • He is the second-most laid back of the band, the first being Ash.