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"Buoyancy" is the fifth episode of Disney's Bill Nye the Science Guy. It was aired on October 8, 1993.


Ahoy there, matey. Come aboard Captain Nye’s Buoyant Barge of Science. There’s no swabbing the decks or battening down the hatches just the science of floating. Buoyancy makes things float. Boats, ducks, surfboards, even your nine-year-old brother, are all buoyant.

When you throw your brother into a pool, his body pushes away some of the pool water. Scientists say the water is displaced. Your brother floats because the water he displaces weighs the same as his body. All things float for the same reason – the amount of water a thing displaces weighs the same as the thing itself.

Archimedes was the first person to figure out the science of buoyancy and write it down. He made his discovery while taking a bath. The tub overflowed. He was so excited about it that he jumped out of the water and ran down the street yelling “Eureka,” which means “I’ve found it” in Greek. So watch the “Buoyancy” episode, and see Bill make a really big splash.


  • Bill's Got Boat - Performed by Sure Floats-alot

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