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Buena Vista Records
Buena Vista Records is a division of The Walt Disney Company, specifically Disney Music Group. Buena Vista Records is a label largely devoted to authentic soundtrack albums of mostly live-action Disney film musicals.


Buena vista Records released the soundtrack for films such as Mary Poppins, The Happiest Millionaire, Summer Magic, and Babes in Toyland, as well as recordings by actors then under contract to Disney, such as Annette Funicello and Hayley Mills. Often, at the same time that Buena Vista Records released a genuine soundtrack album of one of the Disney movies, Disneyland Records, another, less expensive Disney label, would release a cover version of the songs from that film. Today, Buena Vista Records operates as an imprint of Walt Disney Records and most recently it has been employed to serve as an pseudo name for certain releases by Walt Disney Records such as more adult oriented Almost Alice and Marvel Studios' Thor as well as releasing traditional albums for Walt Disney Records adult artists such as Billy Ray Cyrus and Nathan Pacheco.

It also released read-along book and record sets adapting Creature Shop films and other Jim Henson properties, such as The Dark Crystal 7" book and record set, and Labyrinth 7" book and record set.

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