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The Broncos are lightweight, fixed-wing aircraft measuring 14 feet in length. Inexpensive and rugged, these vehicles serve as leisure and patrol craft in less-developed parts of the world. Broncos have no particular brand name or company of origin, and the term "bronco" itself has become common slang for any small or primitive aircraft operating in a remote area. They are featured on the animated series TaleSpin.


A Bronco has very simple construction. Builders construct a metal framework to serve as the plane’s skeleton, placing sheet metal or plywood to cover it. A coat of protective varnish is then applied to the Bronco’s surface to keep the fuselage from shattering under damage from collisions, airborne debris, and high winds. The builders then mount two large wings on anchored struts extending from the fuselage, and fixed landing gear beneath the craft in a tail-dragger configuration. When the Bronco is completed it vaguely resembles a wooden steer with wings.

The beauty of the Bronco is that the owner can customize it to his heart’s content. Paint can be applied to the plane’s surface, sometimes in extravagant designs and color schemes. Many hedgehopper pilots decorate their Broncos with logos and insignias, often to show membership in a local flying club. Some Broncos, to further convey their resemblance to longhorn steers, have actual horns attached to their "heads."

Owing to their hollow construction, Broncos can carry up to 150 pounds of cargo in compartments within the fuselage. Extra luggage can be strapped along the side of the plane or slung from the wing braces. Due to their low cost and compact size, Broncos are primarily used as pleasure vehicles. A single propeller engine located underneath the tail provides enough thrust to take the planes up to 100 miles per hour. Young people find the Broncos well suited to modifications, and with a little effort they can transform the craft into hot rods able to exceed 150 mph.


Police forces in low-population settlements and desert towns value Broncos for their durability and docile handling, and several sheriffs commonly convert Broncos into mounts for their deputies. However, attempts to use fixed guns on the planes have met with dismal failure, forcing officers to resort to hand-held firearms in combat. Only one police force has used the combination of personal weapons and Broncos with great success — the guard patrol at the Boomstone mining settlement, whose urgonium slingshots prove capable of bringing down even the most stubborn trespassers.


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