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"Broke 'N' Yo-Yo" is the third episode of The Suite Life on Deck.


Bailey is mad that London is hogging all the space in their cabin, so she decides to trick her with the myth of the "Sea Snark." She later feels guilty and tells her the truth. Meanwhile, when Zack uses up both his and Cody's meal cards buying things for all of the girls on the ship, they run out of money. Moseby puts them to work so they can earn their keep. Cody is practicing for a yo-yo contest to make some money and impress Bailey and Zack agrees to take over both his and Cody's jobs on the ship so Cody can prefect his yo-yo trick. To keep up with both jobs, Zack uses a towel thrower to get the towels to the passengers. Cody finds himself up against a young yo-yo champion named Johan Yo. Johan wins the yo-yo competition, but after Bailey tells Cody that Johan is a professional, he is disqualified because the competition was for amateurs only, and Cody is declared the winner. Despite winning, Zack and Cody do not keep the money. Instead, Moseby keeps the money to pay for the damage done by Zack's thrower.

Guest star

  • Grant Johnson as Johan Yo, Kara Crane as Piper

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