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Brittney Wong is a character in the Disney XD show Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is a "mean girl" cheerleader who attends Echo Creek Academy.



Brittney is a stereotypical, vain, rich girl who apparently became head cheerleader only because her dad made a large donation to the school. She is shown to have a dislike for Star, calling her a "pesky magical foreigner" from "Moo-ni", and cares more about herself than others.

Physical appearance

Brittney has black hair that reaches down to her waist, a light skin tone and brown eyes. She dresses in a white and purple shirt with a purple skirt, and purple shoes with white socks. Her cheerleading uniform is yellow with a white stripe, the initials E.C.A. (Echo Creek Academy) inside and red trim.


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  • In the episode "Brittney's Party", Brittney is revealed to be a terrible singer.
  • Brittney has a habit of whipping her hair at things that disgust her.
  • Brittney's voice actress, Minae Noji, is best known for her role as Dr. Kelly Lee on the soap opera General Hospital.

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