Britt Allcroft is an English film, television and live theater producer, writer and director. She is the creator of the children's television series Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends (later re-titled Thomas & Friends), Shining Time Station (with Rick Siggelkow) and Magic Adventures of Mumfie. She wrote, co-produced and directed the film Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2000), where she also voiced Lady. Allcroft is the creator of Disney's Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets. She created Thomas the tank engine and friends after meeting the rev.w. awdry. She read the the railway series books and decided to make a television series about them. Teaming up David mitton she created 26 episodes of the first season that later aired in October of 1984 with music by mike O Donnell and junior Campbell and Beatles drummer Ringo starr as narrator.

Allcroft served as executive producer for the first two seasons. She took Robert D. Cardona's place as producer from the third to fifth seasons after Clearwater Features closed down in 1990. In May 2000, Allcroft was a director and advisor of Gullane and returned for the sixth season as executive producer alongside Peter Urie. She then returned as creative consultant for the seventh season, but by 2003 (a year after Gullane Entertainment was sold and acquired by HiT), Allcroft had resigned from her remaining positions with the company and did not return for the eighth season. This was attributed to the poor reception of Thomas and the Magic Railroad. She also worked on a live-action kids show called "The Scoobs" and created an animated show for Disney Junior called "Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets".

Allcroft and Rick Siggelkow are currently trying to get Shining Time Station onto DVD