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The Briar Patch is the home of Brer Rabbit which appears in the original Uncle Remus stories compiled by Joel Chandler Harris as well as the 1946 Disney movie Song of the South.

Song of the South

A briar patch appears in the first animated segment of Song of the South, which serves as Brer Rabbit's home. He is leaving it because he says it's just causing him trouble. After boarding it up, Uncle Remus bids farewell to him and he leaves. At the end of the segment, he returns to his Briar Patch after his little encounter with Brer Fox and Brer Bear.

Another briar patch appears at the end of the second animated segment. When Brer Rabbit is pulled out of the Tar Baby, he sees a briar patch and begs Brer Fox not to throw him in it. He wanted him to do so. When Brer Rabbit is thrown into the briar patch, Brer Fox hears him holler and believes him to be dead. Then, Brer Rabbit emerges from the briar patch, saying that he was born and raised in one.

Splash Mountain

After Brer Fox catches Brer Rabbit, and as the log carrying the riders climbs the biggest lift during the climax, Brer Rabbit tells him not to throw him into the briar patch. Brer Fox does just that, then the log goes down a 50-foot drop, imitating Brer Rabbit's fall into the briar patch. Then, during the finale, Brer Fox and Brer Bear are shown in the briar patch trying to escape Br'er Gator.


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