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Brian Ferguson is an animator for Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Disney Filmography

Year Film Position
1990 The Prince and the Pauper Animation Assistant
1991 Beauty and the Beast Animating Assistant
1992 Aladdin Animator: Iago
1994 The Lion King Animator: Timon
1995 Pocahontas Animator: Meeko
1996 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Animator: Gargoyles
1997 Hercules Supervising Animator: Panic
1998 Mulan Lead Animator: The Matchmaker
1999 Tarzan Additional Animator
1999 Fantasia 2000 Animator
2000 The Emperor's New Groove Lead Animator: Chaca and Bucky
2002 Treasure Planet Supervising Animator: Onus
2004 Home on the Range Animator: Rico, Willies, and Horses
2005 Chicken Little Animator
2007 Meet the Robinsons Supervising Animator
2008 Bolt Animator
2009 The Princess and the Frog Animator: Ray


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