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Brer Rabbit Painting Book is a 1956 book based on Song of the South.


Saddlestitch, 18 pages, black & white. Dimensions: 7.25" W x 10" H. A coloring book featuring the Brer characters. Each page has a black and white picture with a caption under it telling the story. Inside cover shows a map of the "Brer Country". Brer Rabbit shuts up his house and sets out for adventure. Brer Rabbit greets the various critters and later gets stuck in Brer Fox's sapling trap. He tricks Brer Bear to switching places with him. Brer Rabbit then vows to Brer Frog not to go on any more adventures. But sure enough, he meets up with the Tar Baby. Brer Rabbit makes Brer Bear laugh with his stories and outfoxes Brer Fox with a tall tale. Brer Bear then takes Brer Rabbit's hand and declares "the winner!" Brer Fox is knocked out cold.

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