Brandi Tipton
Brandi Tipton is a minor character of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and is seen in one episode, "What the Hey?". She is the eighth wife of Wilfred Tipton and is very interested in getting to know London. She is portrayed by T. Lopez.


After Brandi marries Wilfred Tipton, she goes to the Boston Tipton Hotel to meet London, and is very interested in forming a mother-daughter bond. After a short spat between them, Brandi finally decides that the only way she can connect with London is to take her shopping, and she offers to bring Maddie along as well. but when she learns just how controlling Brandi is being in terms of what London can buy, she gets mad and they argue, causing Brandi to ground London.

Eventually, with Mr. Moseby's advice, London comes to accept Brandi, and Brandi realizes she was a little too clingy and excited toward London.

It is suggested that Brandi is no longer married to Mr. Tipton after this episode, however, as she is never seen or mentioned again, and in later episodes, London says her dad has had more than eight wives.