The Boston Rebels are a fictional professional football team, a part of the fictional American Football Federation league. The team is featured in the movie The Game Plan. Behind Joe Kingman, the Boston Rebels are perennial contenders for the league championship even though so far they've fallen short every year.


In 2007, the last game of the regular season, between the Boston Rebels and the New York Dukes. The game ends in a touchdown by Rebels quarterback Joe Kingman (Dwayne Johnson) after he runs it into the end zone, ignoring a wide open receiver Travis Sanders. The playoffs have just begun and the Rebels are again contenders for the league championship. The Rebels march through the playoffs via three road games. They first travel to Denver in the Wild Card round, then to Indianapolis the Divisional round and then the Conference round against Baltimore. They eventually make it to the championship game held in Arizona in a rematch with the New York Dukes. As the championship game begins, Kingman is distracted from performing well. He is injured near the end of the first quarter, causing him to be rushed to the locker room as a result. After talking to Peyton, Kingman decides to go back to the game. Near the end of the fourth quarter, Kingman passes the ball to the running back, Webber, who gains positive yardage but fails to get out of bounds so the clock continues to run. Kingman hurries his team to the line with the clock running, and rushes ahead before being knocked out of bounds. With time for one last play, Joe throws a lob pass to Sanders, who catches the pass, allowing the Rebels to win their first championship.


The cast of Boston Rebels players is made up of former pro football players and actors with football experience. Actor Morris Chestnut, who plays the important role of "Sanders," had to prove he could catch the football convincingly before he got the part. The part of "Webber" is played by former New England Patriots player Brian White, and Jamal Duff, a former NFL lineman with the New York Giants and Washington Redskins, plays offensive lineman "Monroe." Finally, Hayes MacArthur, a record holding former quarterback for Bowdoin College and player with the semi-pro football team the L.A. Gunslingers, turns actor to play the role of the Rebels' tight end, "Cooper."

The Boston Rebels were originally supposed to be the New England Patriots, but that changed because the NFL and Disney just couldn't come to certain agreements.