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This is about the location in the village in Beauty and the Beast. You may be looking for the Library, a room with a similar function in Beast's Castle in the same film.

The Bookstore was a place that distributed books in the village Belle lived at. It was about one story with two windows. Inside were several rows of bookshelves with a sliding ladder, and a globe.


Beauty and the Beast

The Bookstore made its first and only appearance in the opening song of the film. Belle went to the bookstore to return a book she had just finished, and informed the bookkeeper as much, who was surprised that she managed to do so that quickly. As there haven't been any new books since the day before, Belle decided to settle on another book, explaining it was her favorite when the bookkeeper mentioned she read it twice. Because of this, the bookkeeper decided to let her have the book permanently as a gift.

It had the same role in the Beauty and the Beast Official Comic Adaptation.

Beauty and the Beast Marvel Comics

The Bookstore acted as a key location in the seventh issue of the Marvel Comics serial for Beauty and the Beast. Gaston, having become fed up about Belle apparently standing him up several times (clearly being unaware about Belle not even being at the village), saw the bookstore and decided to have LeFou stake her out (despite LeFou's insistence that he give up). The Bimbettes, who were hoping Gaston would give up and choose one of them, also overheard this, and, after briefly screaming in anguish at one of them accidentally mentioning Belle's name, decided to sabotage Gaston's plan by making him jealous of LeFou as payback for his making them jealous of Belle. They then entered the bookstore and managed to apparently grovel over LeFou and seduce him, making sure they did so near a window for Gaston to see when he returned. Gaston then entered the Bookstore, lifted LeFou, and then threw him at a bookshelf. However, although Gaston acknowledged that the triplets loved him, he was revealed to be more upset with LeFou for having potentially missed Belle entering by letting himself get distracted than actually jealous that they were loving LeFou over him, to their consternation.


  • Even though the place was called a "bookshop" by Belle in her conversation with the Baker in the opening song, its function was closer to a library than to a bookstore due to books being borrowed instead of actually sold.
  • Despite there being plenty of signs written in French throughout the village, the name "Bookseller" is clearly seen written in English.

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