Bonnie Appetite was a beautiful human woman who served as the hostess of the former Kitchen Kabaret show at Epcot. She appeared on the two smaller stages that flanked the main one, singing and introducing all of the show's acts. She appeared in three outfits during the show, Betty Crocker-like duds, a formal showgirl-style tuxedo, and a Carmen Miranda-style outfit. She was voiced by Jeannine Brown.

Role in the show


Bonnie Appetite appears first, solo singing "Meal Time Blues" to the audience. This is where she wears a Betty Crocker-style dress and has her hair in a bun. She looks quite sad while performing this, to associate with the theme of the song. The lights turn off, and the next performance comes.

Act 1

She then sings, along with the Kitchen Krackpots, "Chase Those Meal Time Blues Away", in her showgirl attire. There is a ragtime introduction from the Krackpots, and then Bonnie says, to the audience, "Thank you all for coming to my kitchen". The Krackpots then reappear, out of the floor, in the ending.

Act 5

Bonnie Appetite reappears in act five, in the "Veggie, Veggie, Fruit, Fruit" performance. Bonnie Appetite, now in a Carmen Miranda-style carnival outfit, and perched upon a crescent moon that descends from the ceiling, singing her parts of the song.


Bonnie Appetite and the other cast members sing "Kabaret Finale", which is a medley of the previous songs. All of the cast comes back out and Bonnie says good bye before the curtains with the Kraft logo cover the stage.


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