With Joe and Stella not speaking to each other, Nick and Macy come up with a plan to get them to talk. Meanwhile, David Henrie challenges Kevin to a reality show competition.


Joe begins ignoring Stella and when he does speak to her, it is very harsh. Stella and Joe then talk to Nick and Macy privately and one-on-one about how they were thinking about ending their friendship. Nick and Macy decide to meddle and plan a boat trip in an effort to get the pair to make up. While on the boat, the anchor drops and they are stuck. Macy has a panic attack and Nick tries to help her while Joe and Stella rekindle their friendship. Towards the end of the episode, Joe decides he wanted to ask Stella to be his girlfriend. When he tries, Aunt Lisa rides up behind them in a little boat. Macy rejoices, happy to be "rescued" and Joe keeps getting interrupted. Finally, he takes her hands and says "Stella Malone, will you be my girlfriend?" Meanwhile, throughout the episode, Kevin battles David Henrie about a grudge that David is holding against him. In the end he finds out David hates him because he believes that Jenny Reese broke up with him to go out with Kevin, but he finds out she went out with Joe. Kevin wins David's "challenge".


  • Song featured in the episode: Chillin in the Summer Time
  • This is the first of a three-part series finale.



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