Bludgeon is a Rammstone Slug that seems to have originally belonged to Kord Zane, although now appears to be shared amongst the Shane Gang. He is most commonly used by either Kord or Eli and a bit by Pronto.

Known Attacks

  • Protoform Abilities - Very strong for its size.
  • Rockhorn - Projectiles self with curved horns.
  • Battelup - Massive uppercut with huge rocky fists.

Fusion Shots


  • BoulderStorm: "Rammstone"+"Tormato" - Bludgeon launches Tormato at multiple opponents as Bluster creates a rampaging cyclone filled with boulders.
  • InfernoSlam: "Rammstone"+"Burpy" - Once launched the Slugs will spin around each other, leading to Bludgeon with blazing horns.
  • Rock Armour: "Rammstone"+"Rocky" - Rammstone will increase in size, and get plated in Hop Rock armour.