Bill Thompson (July 8, 1913 - July 15, 1971) was an American radio actor and voice actor whose career stretched from the 1930s until his death.

He voiced Scrooge McDuck in Scrooge McDuck and Money as well as voicing The White Rabbit and The Dodo in Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Smee (and other pirates) in Peter Pan, Governor Keith in Ben and Me, Jock, Joe, Bull, Dachsie, and the Irish Policeman in Lady and the Tramp, King Hubert in Sleeping Beauty, Professor Owl and Bertie Birdbrain in Melody and Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom, Flannery in Pigs is Pigs, Defense Attorney in The Story of Anyburg, U.S.A., Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore in several "Donald Duck and Humphrey the Bear" entries, J.J. Fate, the Common Man and his Common Sense in How to Catch a Cold, an elderly Spike the Bee in Let's Stick Together, and his last work, Uncle Waldo in The Aristocats. Thompson also announced for several Peter Pan Peanut Butter commercials.