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Big Business is a 1988 American comedy film starring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin. It is the story of two sets of twins who were mismatched at birth, resulting in one being raised by a poor family and the other by a wealthy family.


  • Bette Midler — Sadie Shelton/Sadie Ratliff
  • Lily Tomlin — Rose Ratliff/Rose Shelton
  • Fred Ward — Roone Dimmick
  • Michael Gross — Dr. Jay Marshall
  • Edward Herrmann — Graham Sherbourne
  • Barry Primus — Michael
  • Michele Placido — Fabio Alberici
  • Seth Green — Jason
  • Daniel Gerroll — Chuck
  • John Hancock — Harlan
  • Deborah Rush — Binky Shelton
  • Nicolas Coster — Hunt Shelton
  • J. C. Quinn — Garth Ratliff
  • Joe Grifasi — Desk Clerk
  • John Vickery — Hotel Manager
  • Mary Gross — Judy

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