Bianca Ortega (portrayed by Camilla Banus) is a Spanish exchange student that Tripp had a crush on, in the live-action series, I'm in the Band.


Bianca Ortega is new exchange student from Spain. She first appeared in the episode "Annoying Arlene". The first time Tripp saw her, he wanted to impress her, by saying he is the lead guitarist of the legendary rock band "Iron Weasel". Tripp succeeded in getting a date with her. However, he had to cancel their date so he could go to Arlene's place and switch the CDs. When Tripp goes there, and sees Bianca, she explains to him that she is staying there because the Rocas are her house family. She asks him what is he doing there, if he has the 24 hour virus, and he says that he gave it to Arlene, so they are both quarantined. Later, Bianca catches Tripp hugging Arlene, and for the sake of the band, Tripp tells Arlene that Bianca is lying about their date. When Tripp said that he is going to miss Bianca, it may mean that she went back to Spain.

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