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"Beware Wolf" is the second episode of the second season of Wizards of Waverly Place.


Justin meets a girl named Isabella through WizFace. Alex has suspicions that Isabella is not who she seems. After sharing a kiss, Justin learns that Isabella is actually a werewolf and, worse, he is becoming one himself. Meanwhile, Max and Alfred start a dog-walking business to earn money for cups on a chain.

Magical being:

  • Werewolf (monster)

Absent: Jennifer Stone as Harper Finkle

Guest stars: Sarah Ramos as Isabella, Andy Pessoa as Alfred

Co-stars: Renna Nightingale as a Centaur Girl, Danielle O'Loughlin as Older Woman

Notes: WizFace is a parody of Facebook and MySpace. Alex also said that Justin had a history of dating monsters, as explained here as well in a few other episodes.

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