Betsy is the best friend of Ursula Stanhope. She appears as the tetartagonist in the 1997 live-action movie, George of the Jungle, as well as its sequel, George of the Jungle 2.


George of the Jungle

Betsy is first seen when Ursula returns to San Francisco with George. When she and George first come eye to eye, however, is after he has a rough time in the shower and is fully naked. Ursula vents her issues to Betsy, who suggests she come clean on what's happened and bring George to the engagement party later to back up her claims. She then accompanies Ursula to the Stanhope Bank to explain the situation, but both are shocked to find a surprise party waiting for her.

Later at the party, Betsy brings Ursula outside as her and the rest of her female friends fawn over George playing the horses. In a deleted scene, it is shown she drives Ursula to the airport after realizing she's in love with George.

Betsy is finally seen at Ursula's wedding, serving as her maid of honor. She catches the bouquet thrown by Ursula, but two gorillas snatch it and tear it apart.

George of the Jungle 2

As part of Beatrice Stanhope's plan to get Ursula and Lyle Van de Groot back together, she flies Betsy and other friends of Ursula to their Vegas hotel. At first, Ursula enjoys their company, until she catches on they're only there as part of a plan. Betsy admits they're there for her, afraid the jungle has changed her. Ursula doesn't think so, but some sporting events shows she has.

Ursula and the rest of her friends are then hypnotized to forget about George and Ursula's relationship with him. Later, the hypnotized Ursula confesses to Betsy that she feels something's missing in her life. Suddenly, George swings into the room to take Ursula back to the jungle. Though Ursula doesn't recognize him, Betsy jumps at the chance. George gladly declines and carries an unconscious Ursula out, recommending his Ape brother to Betsy instead, which she finds pleasing.

After the day is saved, Betsy and the other girls receive kisses from George to restore their memories. Betsy immediately continues making out with him, acting as if she doesn't remember. Ursula throws her aside ands he lands in the arms of Ape, who run off enamored. She is last seen at the end of the film during George and Ursula's second wedding with the other characters.