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Best Friends Whenever is a Sitcom that was ordered by Disney on March 6, 2015. Production began that month with the series premiering June 26, 2015. "Best Friends Whenever" centers on teenagers Shelby Marcus and Cyd Ripley, who, when a science experiment goes wrong, become unstuck in time, leaping forward and backward whenever they want – and sometimes even when they don't. Now with the help of their next-door neighbor, teenage genius Barry Eisenberg, the girls must learn to master their awesome new power as they time-shift through high school.


Main Characters

Recurring Characters


Season Episodes Series premiere Season Finale
18 June 26, 2015[1] May 22, 2016

Season 1:

  1. A Time to Travel
  2. A Time to Cheat
  3. A Time to Say Thank You
  4. A Time to Jump and Jam
  5. A Time to Rob and Slam
  6. The Butterscotch Effect
  7. Shake Your Booty
  8. Jump to the Future Lab
  9. Cyd & Shelby's Haunted Escape
  10. When Shelby Met Cyd
  11. Cyd and Shelby Strike Back
  12. The Girls of Christmas Past
  13. A Time to Double Date
  14. Jump to the 50's
  15. Diesel Gets Lost in Time
  16. Fight the Future

Season 2:

  1. Princess Problems
  2. Worst Night Whenever
  3. Epic Girl's Day
  4. Girl Code
  5. Derby Little Secret



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