Bernie Kropp is a character from the 2004 Disney/Pixar film, The Incredibles.

The Incredibles

Bernie Kropp is Dash's 5th grade teacher. He is first seen in the Principal's office as Helen Parr arrives and explains to her that Dash is a disruptive influence and is openly mocking in front of his class. Dash tries to explain, but Bernie yells him that he was the one who put thumbtacks on his chair. Helen asks him if he really did it and he replies that he did not and she was surprise and how did he knew it was Dash who did it and he shows her that he hid a camera and he got him. He plays the camera showing Bernie approaching to his chair, Dash puts a tack on the chair in a swift movie as he sits down and he yells in pain. He then ask everyone in the office if they see it, that Dash move right where he was and he does not know how he does it and there was no tack on the chair before he moves and after he moves there is a tack on the chair. The Principal tries to calm him down and calls him Bernie which he tells him not to "Bernie me" and screams at him and Helen that Dash is guilty, but the Principal lets Dash go and apologizes Helen for the trouble, causing Bernie to ask that he is letting Dash go again and that he is guilty, turns red and throws an extremely childish tantrum as Helen closes the door. Bernie is not seen for the rest of the film again afterwards.


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