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"Bermuda Triangle" is the thirty-second episode of The Suite Life on Deck. It premiered on November 13, 2009 and is the twelfth episode of the second season.


Zack and Cody receive a $200 check from their parents for their 16th birthday, but have an argument about how to spend it and end up ripping it in half. Following this, Zack wishes he was an only child and Cody wishes for the same, saying that nothing would make him happier. Once the ship enters the Bermuda Triangle, a parallel universe opens up and their wish comes true; the twins were split up at birth, with Zack growing up with just their mom and Cody growing up with just their dad.


  • Aileen Hurtado as Flamenco Dancer

Guest star

  • Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink


  • This episode and "Snakes on a Boat" are the only episodes of the series that Phill Lewis both directs and appears in. Lewis was absent from all other episodes that he directed.

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