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Benny is a minor character in the Halloweentown series (except for Halloweentown High). He is a skeleton taxi driver who has a habit to make jokes. In Return to Halloweentown, it was revealed that his full name is Benjamin C. Deadman. He took a liking to being called Benny after Marnie called him it when she traveled back in time to the founding of Halloweentown. According to Marnie, Benny has a rather poor sense of humor; his jokes are usual skeleton-related, but no one actually finds them funny, though they laugh to be kind.

Kalabar temporarily corrupted him, so he could kidnap the Piper children to be used as ransom to ensure Aggie did not enterfere with his plans. However, Sophie sicced a dog on him, forcing Benny to flee. He was later freed of Kalabar's influence and bid farewell to the Pipers when they returned home to the mortal world.

Benny Grey Spell

Benny under the Grey Spell

Under the Grey Spell, Benny becomes a human that is all skin and bones. After being reverted to normal by Dilan, he said "Talk about going on a crash diet!" This could imply he crashes a lot (on purpose) or he was referencing the fact he turned back into a skeleton.

In Return to Halloweentown, Benny served as Marine and Dilan's lift to their new home at Witch University. He mentioned the 1000 year anniversary of Halloweentown to them, wishing them a pleasant time. A past version of himself gave Marnie a lift to Cromwell Castle after she "preditcted" that he will become a taxi driver in the future.


  • The letters of Benny's full name are in alphabetical order (B,C,D)
  • He makes an appearance in all the movies that actualy feauture Halloweentown itself; he did not appear only in Halloweentown High.
  • He is possibly as old, or older than, Agatha Cromwell and Professor Periwinkle.
  • Since he has been around for centuries, he considers everyone a kid.

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