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Bennett (Aaron Hill) is an ex-boyfriend of Tawni Hart's due to Chad accidentally breaking-up with him for her in the episode "Chad Without a Chance".


Bennett is a tall, muscular teenager who dates Tawni Hart for an unknown period of time. Tawni claims that Bennett is "the smartest guy [she's] ever gone out with". His mother is a masseuse who works at Condor Studios on "Massage Mondays". She is very protective of her son, especially after Chad calls him to inform him that Tawni is "cutting [him] loose, kicking [him] to the curb, giving [him] the old heave-ho.". In other words, she's breaking up with him. Bennett must be quite sensitive for Chad labels him as a "crier" when he breaks up with him, and his mother states that her son cannot feel his heart after Tawni (with Chad's help) breaks up with him. It is unknown if Bennett knows Sonny though there is a possibility because Sonny is Tawni's best friend, and Sonny has the schedule everyday. Bennett has a running gag in every time with the Randoms. At first with Tawni, second is with Nico where Clihad finds out who Bennett is, third is when Chad hides from Bennett in the Prop House before starting the time with Zora, and when he was with Grady with the turkey in Grady's "special talk time."


Tawni Hart


Bennett loses Chad

Tawni apparently really likes Bennett, for she put his name on "The Absolutely Nots" list. Which in Tawni's world means, "absolutely not break-up with". She also claims he is "the smartest guy [she's] ever gone out with" and is very upset with Chad when she finds out that he broke-up with him.

Chad Dylan Cooper

Bennett does not like Chad in the least after Chad breaks-up with him. He even refers to him as "Chad the Dumper" at one point. At first their telephone conversation seems civilized and cheerful, until Chad explains that Tawni breaking up with him. For further insult to injury, Chad goes on to tell Bennett he is "by far the dumbest" and then proceeded to laugh when he began to cry, causing Chad to label him as a "crier". Bennett invokes his revenge on Chad, when his mother identifies him during a massage and twists his arm until Chad is unable to feel it anymore. As well as Bennett aggressively approaches Chad in the Commissary with the intention to beat him up for being insensitive. Chad spends the rest of the episode evading Bennett's attacks, which includes jumping out a window to avoid being attacked.