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Benji is the main protagonist of the 1987 film Benji the Hunted.


Benji the Hunted

After being separated from his owner while at sea. Benji is lost in the wilderness. After a brief in counter with a wounded cougar and a hunter. Benji finds himself being a foster parent after finding 4 cubs belonging to the cougar that was shot. Unwilling to leave to their faith, Benji becomes their protector. After a brief visit to a shack that resulted in a "not so friend meet," with his cousin, Timber Wolf. After stealing chicken, Benji finds a mother cougar, with a single cub. This strikes a mission for Benji, faced with the wilderness. Benji must go from a lost k-9, to a defender of kitties.



  • Benji is very similar to Arlo from the 2015 Pixar film The Good Dinosaur. Both are the main protagonists. Both get separated by falling into the water (Benji gets separated from Frank Inn; Arlo gets separated from his family). Both become the protector of children (Benji protects the Cougar cubs; Arlo protects Spot). Both have a predator who tries to kill them and eat the children who the protagonist are trying to help (Timber Wolf tries to kill the Cougar cubs; Thunderclap tries to kill Spot). Both get rescued in the end.

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