Benji is the titular protagonist of Joe Camp's 1987 film, Benji the Hunted. After he gets separated by his owner after a boating accident, Benji decides to protect 4 orphaned cougar cubs after their mother was killed by a hunter. However, a black timber wolf relentlessly pursues Benji and the cubs and Benji has to get the cub adopted to another mother.


After being separated from his owner while at sea, Benji is lost in the Oregon wilderness. After a brief encounter with a wounded cougar and a hunter, Benji finds himself being a foster parent after finding 4 cubs belonging to the cougar that was shot. Unwilling to leave to their faith, Benji becomes their protector. After a brief visit to a shack that resulted in a "not so friend meet," with his cousin, the Timber Wolf and stealing a chicken from the Hunter, Benji finds another mother cougar, who has one cub. This strikes a mission for Benji, faced with the wilderness. Benji must go from a lost k-9, to a defender of kitties.



  • Benji is shares similarities to Arlo from The Good Dinosaur. Both get separated and get washed ashore. Both have to help children (Benji has to help the Cougar cubs; Arlo has to help Spot). Both get pursued by a predator who wants to eat the children (Timber Wolf wants to eat the Cougar cubs; Thunderclap wants to eat Spot). Both reunite with their families in the end.
  • Benji also shares similarities to Flik from A Bug's Life. Both are animals (Benji being a dog; Flik being an ant). Both led their nemesis to their deaths (Benji led the Timber Wolf to his death by falling off a cliff; Flik led Hopper to his death by getting eaten by a Bird).
  • He is unrelated to the white fluffy dog in the 2004 film Benji: Off the Leash!.